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I started playing Minecraft with my eldest son at his request. I previously played it solo before and never really got into it. But playing split-screen co-op with my son, is a totally different experience. I underestimated how much fun it can be playing it with your kids.

One of the two entrances to our shelter. This is a look at the entrance to our first shelter in the game. This world we are playing in, was created a year or two ago, when I first played the game solo. This shelter was previously just made up of dirt blocks for walls and a fence gate for a door. When I had my son join me in the game, we found out how fragile our shelter was against Creeper explosions. So our first mission was to upgrade our shelter to be more sturdy. So we mined some Cobblestones, figured out how to turn it into Stone and upgraded our shelter with Stone walls and a Wooden door. Apparently in higher difficulty, Zombies can break down a Wooden door, but we were playing in “Easy” difficulty, so that's not an issue.

This is my bed in our shelter. This is a look at my bed inside our shelter. Yes the inside walls were still made of dirt, we were cheap and decided to fortify the entrances first 😄.

This is my son's bed inside our shelter. Yes, we each had our own Crafting Table and Furnace. Not as cost efficient as far as resources go, but hey we're playing to have fun. It also allows us to craft items at our own leisure.

This is the view from the inside of the second entrance to our shelter. Eventually we decided to add another entrance to our shelter. Since our shelter was built into a hill, we decided to just mine all the way to the other side of the hill. This is what the second entrance to the shelter looks like from the inside.

This is the second entrance to our shelter. And a look at the second entrance to our shelter from the outside.

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